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The modern world is full of hectic, everything (and everyone) must function better and faster than in the past. Increasingly, even leisure time is expected to be full of activities. In many families, the worst arguments and disagreements occur when the holidays begin. Adapting to a more peaceful way of life for a few weeks is becomimg increasingly difficult for many people. The noise created by ever more vehicles, televisions and radios enhance the sense of stress.

And stress makes people ill in a variety of ways. Sleeplessness, high blood pressure, nervousness, aggression are just a few of the stress-related symptoms. This, in turn, can often lead to conflict within the family or to absentee-ism, an increased dependancy on medication or alcohol - which closes and exacerbates the vicious circle of conflicts and avoiding work.

MDS offers a way out of this circle. I have been trained by Hannes Lindemann M.D. (Germany's foremost expert) in the use of autogenic training. Autogenic training is a scientifically proved (i.e. body changes can be measured with appropriate instruments) method of relaxation, concentration - and thus, stress reduction.

I have developed a unique method using the techniques of Autogenic training in combination with the voice patterns of hypnotic language. This further increases both the speed and the depth of relaxation attained by particpants. It is not unusual for seemingly unrelated problems to disappear after learning Autogenic training. For example, some people stop smoking or misusing alcohol, or other physical complaints are "magically" gone!

Who can profit from this method?

Quite simply, anyone - but above all, anyone who is suffering from stress-related illnesses. There are a numbers of ways you can participate in such a course:

You register for a group which is about to start. In this case, you may know nobody in the group, which can be very liberating.
You and a number of friends or acquaintances would like to learn Autogenic training together. In this case, you contect me and we arrange the times. A minimum of 4-6 participants is typical for such a constellation.
You would like to learn Autogenic training privately. In this case, we arrange the times and (normally) I visit you at home.
You are in a position of responsibility in an organisation and want to improve the health of your employees in order to (a) create a better working climate, (b) do something positive for individual employees and  (c) increase productivity. In this case, I come to your organisation and your employees learn and practise in any peaceful and pleasant room available.

Typically, a course in Autogenic training last for 6-7 weeks, whereby we meet once a week for 90-120 minutes, and particpants practise independantly in the meantime.


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